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I Am Woman Conference: BELIEVE marks our 9th Anniversary!

Over the years, the conference has inspired women to design extraordinary lives.

This year, the conference is designed to empower you to reflect and

rediscover who you are and your highest potential.

You have the power to author your destiny. The I AM WOMAN Conference is the

nation's premier multicultural two-day experience that will inspire enough poignant

insights and purposeful actions to serve you for a lifetime.

Join a group of dynamic motivational speakers, facilitated by our phenomenal Master Coach, Sylvia High,

for a high-impact, breakthrough weekend that will empower you, renew your heart, mind,

and spirit, give you fresh perspectives, and inspire you to create a roadmap to your next level.

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Check out the agenda from EMERGE, and Buckle Up!
It's almost time to BELIEVE!

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Conference Welcome
Marcanae Lynette

Poem: "I Am Woman Manifesto"
Brigitte Eads

Keynote: The Act of Emerging
Sylvia High

Sponsor Feature: Dove: The Crown Act
Kelli Richardson-Lawson

Panel:Emerging from Fear to Freedom
Sylvia High & Moira Taylor


Panel: Becoming the G.O.A.T.
Vallori Thomas - Moderator,
Sandy Bryant, Beverly Kearney,
Valencia Miller, & Dorinda Walker

Chat, Chew, and Sip
Sylvia High & Dorinda Walker

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Conference Welcome
Marcanae Lynette

I Am Woman, Meditation
Raychelle LeBlanc

Power of Prayer
Raynae Taylor & Dr. Sunne-Ryse Smith

Keynote: The Art of Emergence

Sylvia High

Panel: Gathering Strength Under Fire:
A Conversation About Mental Health

Charreah Jackson - Moderator, Tamarra Kellum, Miyume McKinley, & Dr. Felicia Phillips


The Music & Artistry of Mama Sōl
Mama Sōl

The Journey to Wholeness
Teneshia Jackson-Warner

Closing Remarks

Sylvia High

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