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Curator, I Am Woman Conference | CEO, Aiming High Inc. Master Coach | Empowerment Speaker |Author  

The I AM WOMAN Conference is the nation's premier multicultural one-of-a-kind two-day experience that will inspire enough poignant insights and purposeful actions to serve you for a lifetime.

And it's fun!

 2018 Speakers & Panelists Bios

Anne Sempowski-Ward
CEO, CURiO Brands
Lori Allen
Sr Director of Human Resources for LinkedIn
Alicia Booker
Author, Speaker, Coach
Teneshia Jackson - Warner
Speaker/Facilitator, TV Guest
Kelli Joy Richardson-Lawson
CEO/The Joy Collective
Dara Carter
Musician, Composer


I Am Woman Conference 2020 - I Am Woman: I Am...

Day One – Saturday…


Should you choose to begin your day by elevating some aspect of your life with the offerings available in the I Am Woman Marketplace, the doors will open at 7:30 AM. Complimentary coffee service will also be available in the market.  Breaks are generously scheduled throughout the day. The following outline includes breaks but does not indicate when they will occur.

  9:00 AM
You’ll be greeted by Marcenae France, a breath of fresh air in human form who believes that something wonderful is always about to happen. And you will, too, after meeting Marcenae. She’ll introduce you to Brigitte Eads, a poet of uncommon insight and a gifted orator. Then you’ll meet Composer/Singer-Songwriter Dara Carter, a Master Musician who has created a special work to commemorate the 5th anniversary of I Am Woman.


  9:25 AM
Sylvia High, Curator of the I Am Woman Conference and CEO of Aiming High Inc., the event’s producer, will welcome you as only Sylvia can.


11:30 AM
“Elevation Is an Inside Job”–
 Led by Sylvia and others, this audience-centered experience will have you rethink many of your beliefs about 
beauty and appearance, success and failure, as well as what’s possible and what’s not. You’ll also be given new tools for elevation.


  1:00 PM
Lunch – Your meal will be prepared by the Atlanta Marriott Marquis' expert culinary team which sources regionally grown foods and prepares them to delight every palate.

Topic Over Lunch: “The Open Mind: Elevating Your Beliefs Around Mental Health”


  2:30 PM
Select | Shift | Delete: Rewriting Your Narrative in the Digital Age –  A lot has been said and written about the importance of rewriting the narrative… the historical narrative… the hidden narrative…. the career narrative… the life narrative. But what if only a few edits are needed in order to elevate your narrative? Moderated by KiKi Orr, this panel will reintroduce you to empowered interpretation even in the midst of a catastrophic breakdown.


  4:00 PM
Creating Community with the Power of the Collective– This panel, which will be moderated by Dr. Nandi Shareef, is premised on a few provocative questions, including: How do you prevail when confronted by microaggression? What’s your particular path to belonging and how do you engage others?


  5:15 PM
What Just Happened?– Sylvia will lead you in a spirited recap of the day’s activities, putting them in context for deeper understanding and broader application in your life.


  6:00 PM
Afterglow Reception– Unwind, refresh and go with the flow of Dara Carter Music. And whether you prefer cocktails or mocktails, we’ve got something special for you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .​ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Day Two – Sunday…

Should you choose to begin your day by elevating some aspect of your life with the offerings available in the I Am Woman Marketplace, the doors will open at 7:30 AM. Complimentary coffee service will also be available in the market.


  7:45 AM
Elevation in the Spirit– Join Pastor Raynae Taylor for a worshipful hour of spiritual power.

  9:00 AM
Meditation has been known to ease chronic pain, anxiety and stress as well as improve heart health, boost mood and immunity, and foster a general sense of well-being and elevation. Meditation Master Cynthia Henderson will lead you in the I Am Woman Meditation.

  9:30 AM
Sylvia High welcomes you back and lays the groundwork for Day Two by revealing a myriad of opportunities to elevate.


11:15 AM
Spiritually Woke - Dr. Sunne-Ryse Smith, author of Spiritually Woke: A Journey to Spiritual Awareness and Inspiration, will share spiritual strategies for living an inspired, elevated and purpose-filled life.

12:15 PM
Lunch – Your meal will be prepared by the Atlanta Marriott Marquis' expert culinary team which sources regionally grown foods and prepares them to delight every palate.


Topic Over Lunch: “Protected by Purpose”– Dorinda Walker, author, speaker and Fortune 50 VP, reveals her onerous childhood experiences, triumphs and life lessons, providing a compelling real-life narrative that validates and reinforces the power of unconditional love, the process of forgiveness, and embracing faith to not only survive, but to overcome and lead an elevated and fulfilling life of purpose.

  1:30 PM
Cannes Film Festival Award-winner, author and speaker Teneshia Jackson-Warner presents Divine Connections: Making What’s Personal Profitable We’re all divinely connected, and we all have the power to manifest.


  3:15 PM
Revealing the Millionaire Mindset– Elevating within the business world is no easy feat, especially for women in patriarchal societies. That, in part, is what makes this panel of multimillionaire women even more impressive. What thinking did they employ to build their empires and amass huge fortunes?


  4:30 PM
Elevation as a Way of Life– Sylvia High wraps up and contextualizes the weekend.

Dr. Nandi Shareef
Transformational Trainer
Restorative Coach
Dr. Trillion Small
Educator, Speaker, Author

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Guest Speakers and Panelists


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