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Curated By

Sylvia High, Master Coach

This year marks our 9th Anniversary! Each year Sylvia has brought 300+ women together to inspire them to design extraordinary lives.

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This year, the conference is designed to empower you 

to reflect, rediscover who you are and reach your highest potential.

You have the power to author your destiny. The I AM WOMAN Conference is the nation's premier multicultural two-day experience that will inspire enough poignant insights and purposeful actions to serve you for a lifetime.

Join a group of dynamic motivational speakers, facilitated by our phenomenal Master Coach, Sylvia High, for a high-impact, breakthrough weekend that will empower you, renew your heart, mind, and spirit, give you fresh perspectives, and inspire you to create a roadmap to your next level.

Conference Schedule




• Open / Welcome
Marcenae Lynette

• Poem, I Am Woman Manifesto
Brigitte Eads


• The Power of Believing, THE Key to Destiny
Sylvia High

• Inside the Extraordinary Mind
Keynote interview with Sylvia High and Dr. Jamila Davis


• Lunch

• Hustle Culture Reimagined
Panel: Charreah Jackson, Moderator, Dr. Ashley Little, Robin Williams, Kandace Rashon and DeShawn Bullard

• Meditation
Amealya Nichola Blake

• Release the Body, Free the Spirit, and Quiet the Mind
Vallori Thomas, Moderator, Panel, Terrica Wright, Dorinda Walker, Tynisha Coleman and Lucille Farrel-Scott

• Chat and Sip 
Sylvia High, Vallori Thomas, and Dorinda Walker

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2023    


• Praise and Worship
Raynae Taylor, Terrion Nelson

• Open / Welcome
Marcenae Lynette


• The Journey from the Inside Out
​Sunne-Ryse and Raynae Taylor


• UAGO, U Are God's Original
Kathy Boswell


• Meditation
Raychelle LeBlanc


• If You Believe,

Stephanie Rolle

• Lunch

Mama Sol

• The Heart of a Champion
Sylvia High, Moderator, Panel: ​Dr. K.C. Fox, Dr. Felicia Phillips, Germaine Bolds-Leftridge and Pa'tanisha Davis-Pierson


• Mastering the Art of Manifesting
Teneshia Jackson-Warner

• Closing Remarks

Sylvia High

Keynote Speakers

We have an eclectic lineup of women taking the stage! Checkout this year's IAWC speakers. 

Meet One of Our Title



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About This Year

Welcome to the I AM WOMAN CONFERENCE 2023: BELIEVE, the one-of-a-kind conference dedicated to empowering and inspiring women to create meaningful change in their lives.

This year's conference features a wide range of topics focused on self-discovery, and empowered thinking, designed to support you in tapping into your own authority to create your life.

Between the wide variety of speakers, imagery and music, I AM WOMAN is always stimulating. This year, though, promises to be particularly exciting with dynamic speakers and relevant topics such as Hustle Culture and Mastering the Art of Manifesting.

2023 Topics Explored

"Inside the Extraordinary Mind"

You will experience some of the world's most exceptional women leaders sharing their thought processes whole-heartedly. Through their inspiring stories and practical insights, you'll come to understand how your wildest dreams may be within reach.

"Mastering the Art of Manifesting"

This session explores the alignment of the self with the divine to set pure intentions that lead to actions that result in remarkable outcomes. At its core, manifesting is a practice that's accessible to everyone.

"The Heart of a Champion"

Do you consider yourself a champion? What calls you forth? This session delves into what it means to have a champion's mindset. Yes, it takes perseverance, resilience and determination. but there's more. 

"Belief: The Journey from Inside Out"

In this discussion, we focus on how beliefs, which are internal, shape our perception of the world, which is external. The ability to draw fine distinctions, as you'll see in this session, is key to transforming limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

"Release the Body, Free the Spirit, and Quiet the Mind"

We explore the intersection of spirituality, mental and physical fitness, and personal growth, offering guidance for developing new or more fulfilling spiritual practices of your own design.

"Hustle Culture Reimagined"

The term, hustle culture, usually conjures a certain kind of frenzy and doggedness. "Hustle Culture Reimagined", though, is a session that challenges that notion without challenging its purpose. What mindset is required for all the benefits of the hustle but not the unwanted experiences of it. 

"The Best Is Yet to Come"

This session's focus is celebrating the future, offering inspiration, encouragement and resources to help what's next become what's now.

A Transformative Two-Day Event
That's not to be missed. Join us for a life-altering experience that will leave you feeling uplifted, empowered, and ready to create the life you deserve.

Marriott Marquis

Sat 9a- 6p
Sun 9a -6p


Marriott Rates



Calling ALL 

Vendors +Sponsors!

If you have a product or service that would compliment the experience or wish to introduce your brand to over 350 powerful women leaders, get in touch with us.  

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